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Let us take you on an enchanting journey with our Ankole scented candles inspired by the cozy safari landscapes.


The candle holders are handcrafted using upcycled Ankole cowhorn at an Emaali workshop in Uganda run by a small household family and handpoured by the Rotse Candles in belgium using 100% soy wax and Essential Oils.


TIP;  When the candle finishes burning,you wil have a cup which you candle use to store your favourites items like jewellery.

The Ankole Candle

39,00 €Prijs
  • Height by Width Burning Hours Wick
    8cm by 7.5cm 40-45 1 wick
    10cm by 5.5cm 45-50 2 wick
    12cm by 7cm  85-90 3 wick

    Please note that the cowhorn candles are handcrafted and may slightly difer in size which will also lead to differ in amount of wax poured. 

  • A soft citrus aroma (mandarins, cinnamon and bergamot) with a warm mix of amber, cedarwood and caramelized tobacco, with hints of jasmine and patchouli.


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